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Rent your private apartment online and move right in. Independent from agents, long-term rental contracts and without picking up keys. You pay your rent with credit card — week by week and then simply move out again.
The most independent rental in the world.

Contactless rental

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Rental contract weekly cancellable

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Weekly billing per credit card

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Your pet moves in as well

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Rent apartments complete with furniture, internet, TV and complete equipment for short-term rentals

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Your personal rental duration of 1 up to 25 weeks

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Smart access to your apartment

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No waiting for processing etc.

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No deposit, no provision

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Rent online now - Here's how it works:

1. Enter location and duration of rental

Tip: Get your flat for a longer duration - You can cancel your rental contract FOR FREE on a weekly basis!

2. Choose apartment

3. Enter personal data and receive rental contract online

4. Pay with credit card

We'll charge your rent weekly upfront.

5. Get your access code and move in now

You want to move out earlier than specified? Simply cancel your rental contract with a single click in your user account.